Since 1966 Textil-Bch manufactures and markets its own collections of fabrics as well as provides services to other companies in the textile sector. Textil-Bch caters to a wide market around the world, with its products designed for Fashion and also with the manufacture of technical and Industrial Fabrics, thanks to its capacity and experience. At BCH we are respectful of the environment. Our collections as well as our production processes are sustainable, being approved by GRS, GOTS and OEKO-TEX.

Our advantage

  • Competitive Price
  • Intern quality control
  • Global fashion experience since 1966
  • One-flexible service
  • On-time Delivery
  • Eco sustainability commitment
  • Capacity for big or small productions
  • Stable & consistent quality
  • Professional design suggestions
  • OEKOTEX, GRS, OTS certifications

Why choose us

Years in fashion fabrics

Own european 9.500m2 factory

Production with flexible Minimum Quantity Order

Advanced machinery & strict production management system

Competitive fabrics price

Costumization fabrics & services offer

Qualified client orientation team

Certified ecofriendly fabrics

Excellent after-sales service

Fast delivery



Our fabrics range

Organic/Recicled cotton

Ecovero Viscose

Linen Fabrics

Flannel Fabrics

Yarn dyed Fabrics

Stretch Fabrics

Piece dyed Fabrics

Swimwear Fabrics

Printed Fabrics

Sanitary Fabrics

Our production process

foto departament de disseny

Fabric design & Developement

Warp sizing


Raw material procurement


Weaving in rapier looms

Warehouse Storage

Preparation, Loom's beam warping


Fabric QC


TEXTIL BCH commitment for environmental sustainability

We are commited to continuosly seeking ways to reduce the impact of own operations.

We believe companies that put sustainability at the center of their business will be more successful and have competitive edge.

We look at sustainability as a solution. Good for Textil BCH, good for the environement and good for the society.

We belive ou commitment to sustainability has played an important role in making Textil BCH as strong partner in the market.

We are making strong efforts in offeering eco-friendly fabrics and solutions for the textile industry.

Eco-friendly products and ecology services continue to be a key motivation for us in the global market

Environmental sustainability certificates

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to contact us?

Through our website: or by e-mail:

Wich is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for Bulk production?

On average is 500 meters but depending on type fabric and its current production status MOQ may vary. Your inquiry is welcome.

Do you accept orders below the MOQ?

Yes, however these may be subjected to a surcharge to be confirmed.

Can i order some sample cards free of charge?

Yes, you can order free of charge sample cards. These are in A4 format. Shipping fees are paid by the buyer.

Wich are the delivery terms?

a) For fabrics of wich we may hold stock these can be shipped within 2-4 days after payment is recieved.

b) For fabrics wich have to be produced under order the average production time is 4/5 weeks. Depending on urgency we can agree partial deliveries. Shipment after payment is recieved.

Can you accept fabric sample length to be free of charge?

Yes, free of charge samples lengths are possible provided these measure a maximum of One meter. Shipping fees are paid by the buyer.

Can we recommend fabric qualities according to your needs?

Yes, we will be happy to give you our best alternative based on your requirements. We offer a comprehensive fashion fabric collection wich will meet your expectations.

Is the price negotiable?

Yes, any reduction of price will depend on order quantity. Quotes may change depending of raw material prices. Please feel free to inquire.


Our prices are qouted on ex-work conditions. We can also offer shipments by Truck, Sea and Air of wich the costs should be added to the invoice. We ship worldwide.



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Ronda de Bòbila, 2 – 4, 08180 Moià, Barcelona Spain

Commercial department
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Servicios tejeduría:
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